Q - Is there a time limit?

A - No!! Unlike many Selfie Museums, we encourage you to take your time and have fun! No need to stress over a time limit. With 48+ sets, an hour just isn't enough time! So come enjoy our sets at your own pace!


Q - Can we bring special cameras for better quality photo's? 


A - Yes!! The only restrictions we have is we ask you not to bring in a ton of external lights and equipment. We provide various lighting options, so keep the big stuff at home. 


Q - Can we go in for free with our family if we're not taking pictures? 


A - Unfortunately, no. It would be too difficult to keep track of everyone who is or is not taking pictures. Thus, all who enter must pay admission. 

Q - Can we bring our pets? 

A - As much as we would love to have your furry friends in for a photo shoot, we cannot admit animals into our facility. We accommodate too many people and some may be allergic. Best to keep the fur babies home.

Q - Can I bring multiple outfits? 

A - Yes!! Feel free to utilize the bathroom to change in to as many outfits as your heart desires!

Q - How long does it take to do all the sets? 

A - We have over 48 unique sets! With an average time of 2-minutes per set, you can expect to spend close to 2 hours taking some incredible photos! This time may vary depending on you and how many people you're with. 

Q - Can we bring food and drinks? 

A - Enclosed drinks are totally acceptable but we ask you to eat before or after visiting us and to not bring food inside. 

Q - Is there an age limit?

A - No!! We welcome all ages! There are some spooky sets on the bottom floor that may be a bit scary but we leave that up to parental discretion. Children under 5 get in free!! 

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